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In recent years Salming has positioned itself as one of the most important brands in the floorball world. They have an incredible variety of sitcks. Salming is Quest 1 (Q1), Quest 2 (Q2) and the new Quest 3 (Q3) ranges with their blades and with different technologies that have been developed in recent years. We find things like X-shaft, kickzone, curve, oval fusion, fat kick or carbon comp. We speak about the material of sticks, the weight and the shaft, twhich help you to shoot or passbetter and better. In addition Salming highlighted by the amazing design of their sticks and their fameous Aero blade, another great complement.
From the smallest, you'll find sticks for children, even the most professional, Salming offers a spectacular variety of different prices and sizes. Get a Salming stick!


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